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Connecticut Public’s underwriting team commissioned MediaVision Creative to help create a video series for their client, the Connecticut Long Term Care Ombudsman Program (LTCOP).


The need for volunteer advocates for residents living in nursing homes and long-term care facilities is great. Unfortunately, individuals who reside in long term care facilities may experience inadequate care that jeopardizes their health and quality of life. Often afraid or unable to advocate for themselves, they need an advocate…someone to be a voice for the voiceless. What they need is an ombudsman. The key objectives of this video series are building awareness of the program, audience education and volunteer advocate recruitment.


Topics for the five videos in the series for the target audience of general public, CT state legislators, and nursing home staff, residents and their families are: 

  • What is an Ombudsman and how do they support residents’ rights and why are they important? 

  • What is a Resident Council and why are they important? 

  • What is a Family Council and why are they important? 

  • What is Person Centered Care Plan Meeting and why is it important? 

  • What is a Resident Advocate? 


Over the course of several months, MediaVision Creative conducted interviews with key stakeholders on greenscreen at both a CT based nursing home facility and at CT Public studios in Hartford, CT.  The videos were conceptualized and executed utilizing a combination of docu-style live action testimony from LTCOP staff, advocate volunteers, nursing home residents and nursing home staff, along with b-roll, scripted narration and motion graphics. 

MediaVision Creative provided a script to screen solution for this project including conceptual design/creative treatment, scriptwriting, live action production, motion graphics, video editing and sound design. All videos were produced in both English and Spanish and delivered with WCAG 2.1 A/AA compliant files.

In addition to creating five approximately 5:00 educational videos, MVC also created a :90 and :60 PSA for digital and broadcast distribution as part of an overall brand awareness campaign.

:90 PSA

:60 PSA

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